tele lotto 6 aus 49

Tele lotto 6 aus 49

In that case you have a chance on winning very nice cash prizes. The LoterГ­a Nacional Christmas draw takes place on December …The results of the German Lotto are broadcasted on the television channel Germany 1. 4:54.

This has been the case since the establishment of Lotto 6aus49 in 1955. It takes place on Wednesday and Saturday evening.

And pick 1 or more bonus numbersJust 4 draws. It already exists since 2007, so in the past 10 years there hasn’t been a hit. Over the years it has conquered the lottery market in Germany and the Netherlands. It’s worth millions of euros, and still has a record breaking Jackpot of 45.4 million. If you signed up through an offer, your account needs to be verified to activate the offer.You have completed your registration. The German Lotto sells different types of tickets. So don’t forget to put these important days in your agenda. 6 Aus 49, which translates as вЂ˜6 from 49’ is Germany’s most popular lottery and has created more millionaires in the country than any other lottery.

€ 14 million. You could use this knowledge for your next prediction in the lottery. Lottoland is not an official lottery operator and does not buy any lottery tickets on behalf of the Customer. 36. Remember to play again in 2 weeks.Choose your draw/s or subscription/sOverall, there are 9 prize categories, the jackpot of next draw is €17 Million.

The only thing you need to do is pick six numbers from a range of 1 to 49, and an additional number known as the Super Number.

For example, people can purchase a so-called German Lotto multi-draw. The table of Lotto 6 aus 49 wins contains nine prize categories including a jackpot.

Of course it could also be the other way around. After all, this lottery does quite frequently turn players into millionaires. Unter haben die LandesВ­lotterieВ­gesellВ­schaften des Deutschen Lotto- und TotoВ­blocks als staatlich erlaubte Anbieter von GlГјcksВ­spielen eine ServiceВ­plattform rund um die Lotterien LOTTO 6aus49, Eurojackpot, GlГјcksВ­Spirale und KENO eingerichtet. Just 1 draw. Some people think that it increases the chance that they will appear.

De Duitse Lotto heeft een grote afzetmarkt en is daardoor een grote loterij die hoge geldprijzen kan uitkeren.

You can use the quick pick option to randomly choose your numbers.You must be 18 or over to play or claim a prizeFailed,Email or password invalid8+ char, with No. This is € 2,50 for each line. Als Nederlander is het mogelijk om mee te doen aan de Duitse Lotto. Maybe you will be the person that has the matching six numbers and Super numbers?German Lotto multi-draw. 1:22. & upper & lowerВ© Copyright 2010 – 2020 Multi Pay N.V. All Rights Reserved.You’re almost done!

Find all historical Germany Lotto results from past draws. Experienced German Lotto players also receive вЂ˜VIP’ points, that gives them a nice discount on Lotto purchases.If you want to play more as lotto only. Super . The 6 Aus 49 has a rollover limit of 13, at which point the top prize winnings would be split between the winners of the next tier down. In that case you always receive the 10th ticket for free. You can use the quick pick option to randomly choose your numbers.You must be 18 or over to play or claim a prizeFailed,Email or password invalid8+ char, with No. It’s been around since 1955 and is drawn twice a week.

The Odds of Winning the Jackpot is 1/139 838 160.If the Lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot is not won then it will rollover and this will continue to happen for 13 draws, after which the jackpot money will be shared between the winners of the next prize tier.

For example, you could buy a systematic form with lucky numbers like 9, 10 and 11.Hopefully they’ll bring you a lot of money during the German Lotto draws at Wednesday at 17.00 GMT and Saturday at 18.00 GMT.The second prize is great as well.

38. Its tagline will be visible on pitchside LED bands at Hertha’s home ground, the Olympiastadion, throughout the 2017/18 Bundesliga season.The Lotto is organized all over the world.

A great advantage! The name вЂ˜Lotto 6aus49’ refers to the way of playing. Check the official Lotto 6 aus 49 results on this page and see if you have the winning numbers. There were 1,448,473 Winners in this draw!

Tele lotto 6 aus 49 In that case you have a chance on winning very nice cash prizes. The LoterГ­a Nacional Christmas draw takes place on December …The results of the German Lotto are broadcasted

German lotto lotto

How do I fill out the LOTTO 6aus49 ticket?

Playing LOTTO 6aus49 is very easy: There are twelve tip fields on the ticket, of which you can fill in as many as you like. Each field filled in costs you a stake of 1 Euro. So it’s worth it, to fill in several tip fields per note.
Systems: At least six numbers must be crossed in each tip field. If you tick more than six numbers, these automatically become all possible combinations in the full system) or. selected game system: If you’d rather leave your luck to chance, then just click on the random buttons on the top right of the ticket slip. This not only saves you time, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, which numbers to type (the random number generator will automatically select these for you).
Ticket number: Your ticket number is not only important for your LOTTO 6aus49 tips, but also your winning number for the additional games Spiel77, Super6 and GlücksSpirale:

  • The last digit of the ticket number is the super number. You need this, to crack the LOTTO 6aus49 jackpot.
  • All seven digits of the ticket number are your ticket number for Spiel77. The following applies to this additional game: The more correct digits, the higher the profit. A correct final digit brings 5,00 EUR, four correct ones already 77,00 EUR. As with LOTTO 6aus49, there is a jackpot of at least for seven correct final digits 177.000 EUR, as a rule, however, this is also in the millions.
  • The last six digits of the ticket number represent your Super6 ticket number. Depending on the number of correct digits, the profit is between 2,50 EUR (correct final digit) and 100.000 EUR (all six digits correct).
  • The ticket number is also your ticket number for the GlücksSpirale. If you type the ticket number correctly, you get 20 Every month for years 10.000 EUR paid out – guaranteed. Even with a correct final digit you get 10,00 Euros and thus your double stake back.

Additional games: By participating in our attractive additional games Spiel77, Super6 and GlücksSpirale, your chances of winning increase further: At Spiel77 and Super6 you have the chance of high individual prizes twice a week. The GlücksSpirale takes place every Saturday and, if you win, enables you to live a carefree life with a monthly payment of 10.000 EUR – 20 For years.
Drawing: LOTTO 6 out of 49, Spiel77 and Super6 are drawn twice a week (Saturdays (“Lotto on Saturday”) and Wednesdays (“Lotto on Wednesday”). Participation in both draws gives you two opportunities, win the jackpot. The GlücksSpirale only takes place on Saturdays.
running time: With LOTTO 6aus49 you have the opportunity, Submit your ticket for several weeks. This saves you time and only has to fill it out once. Of course it is: The longer the term, the higher your probability of winning. Just play with a subscription, to be sure not to miss any more chances of winning – a profit is virtually guaranteed. Especially if you have certain lucky numbers and want to play them regularly, you should opt for a longer term or a subscription.
Our tip for everyone, who prefer to play for the jackpot online: Easy “Jackpot hunt” Mark with a cross. Then your ticket will automatically take part in further drawings, until you or someone else has won the current jackpot.

participation: Here you decide, from when your lottery ticket should participate. You can choose between the next relevant drawing, a specific jackpot amount or a specific date.
Game receipt: When you have ticked the desired numbers and submitted the ticket, you will automatically receive a written confirmation. In Lottoland you no longer have to keep annoying game receipts, but will be automatically informed of your winnings.
Profit tip: The fastest way to win the lottery, by you all 12 Fill in the tip fields and the ticket on both drawing days (“Me.&To.”) playing. This is particularly quick with the random button “+Rest”. If you still have Spiel77, Super6 and GlücksSpirale take part, you have maximized your chances of winning per week.

How does the game work77?

The Spiel77 winning number consists of a 7-digit sequence between 0000000 and 9999999. However, even a correct final digit brings a profit equal to double the stake. The following table gives an overview of the seven prize categories of Spiel77:

Prize class Winning number Profit
Class I All 7 Digits Mind. 177.777,00 EUR
Class II Latest 6 Digits 77.777,00 EUR
Class III Latest 5 Digits 7.777,00 EUR
Class IV Latest 4 Digits 777,00 EUR
Class V Latest 3 Digits 77,00 EUR
Class VI Latest 2 Digits 17,00 EUR
Class VII Last digit 5,00 EUR

How do I improve my chances of winning at LOTTO 6aus49?

There are multiple possibilities, increase your chances of winning. Here are a few valuable tips:
Play the lottery online with a system! When you turn a normal certificate into a system certificate, your chances of winning increase – just tick more than six numbers. For example, your chances of winning the jackpot increase by 13 times, by typing in a tip box 12 Select numbers (“FULL 012”-System).
Play the lottery online with a subscription! Even if you take part with a subscription, your chances of winning increase significantly. In addition, you never miss a jackpot again.
Think about the additional games! With your participation in Spiel77, Super6 and GlücksSpirale increase your chances of winning by up to just participating in a drawing 28%!

Lotto 6 out 49

The lottery drawing always takes place on Wednesdays 18:25 And on Saturdays at 19:25 Clock instead.

The announcement of the jackpot in the lottery 6 out 49 always takes place on the first day of the week (Working day) after the official drawing and will be published directly on our homepage.

The lottery jackpot after the Saturday draw will be announced on Monday morning. After the Wednesday lotto, the jackpot amount is due on Thursday 10:00 Watch and can be viewed on our website.

The highest lottery jackpot in Germany was in the year 2007 by three players from Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia cracked and was included 45.382.458 Euro. The highest single win in the lottery is included 37.688.291 Euros and was in the year 2006 cracked by a player from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Play the lottery and win

The 6aus49 number lottery took place for the first time in the year 1955 and has been the most popular lottery in Germany ever since. And for a good reason: People love it, to dream and the tension, every Wednesday- and Saturday draw precedes, not only entertains, but also brings families together. The aim of the game is, 6 out 49 to obtain. A little more precisely: From 49 Numbers are ticked six on the ticket slip, which will hopefully also be selected at random by the automatic drawing machine.

Would you like to play the lottery too?, then you can bet online or at a German Lotto acceptance point- and toto companies purchase a ticket. Take either on Wednesdays- or Saturday draw, or double your luck and just play on both days. Play the lottery 6 out 49 online, you can use the same for five weeks, Play unchanged lottery ticket or start a continuous game.

Lotto 6 out 49: How and what to win

Next to the six numbers you selected, the super number is also determined in the 6aus49 lottery. This is assigned automatically and is the last number of the serial number printed on your lottery ticket. The super number comes from the number block of 0 to 9 and has an impact on it, In which prize class you are in the event of a win. You have already won something, if you ticked two correct numbers on your ticket and the last digit of your ticket number matches the super number.

The amount won in the lottery 6 out 49 power 50% of the stake and is divided into a total of nine prize categories. You hit the jackpot, if you ticked six correct numbers and your super number also matches the super number drawn. The super number was introduced, so that the jackpot maintains its high value and does not have to be divided between many winners in Germany. So can the player, with six correct numbers and the correct super number, you can look forward to a particularly attractive cash prize.

Playing the lottery with tradition

Even before Lotto 6aus49, many people were under the spell of playing the lottery. The chance for a better life wanted to go to Herzogs- and kings times no one to miss. Princes, Dukes and kings mainly used the lottery game, to replenish their treasuries. Also the luck associated with the lottery game- and probability theories fascinate many people. Very ambitious mathematicians often try to set up profit formulas, to predict the next winning numbers. No matter, whether you follow a certain formula or your gut instinct – try your luck with Lotto 6aus49.

How does the additional game Super6 work?

When you play LOTTO 6aus49, do you have the opportunity, You can win even more with the additional games Spiel77 and Super6. The last six digits of your chosen ticket number represent your ticket number for Super6. The more digits of your ticket number match the drawn numbers in the same order, the higher your profit. The following table gives an overview of the six prize categories in the Super6 lottery:

Prize class Winning number Profit
Class I Latest 6 Digits 100.000,00 EUR
Class II Latest 5 Digits 6.666,00 EUR
Class III Latest 4 Digits 666,00 EUR
Class IV Latest 3 Digits 66,00 EUR
Class V Latest 2 Digits 6,00 EUR
Class VI Last digit 2,50 EUR

How are the lottery numbers drawn?

The lottery numbers are drawn twice a week: Millions of lottery players eagerly wait for the lottery numbers to be drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, which is broadcast live on the Internet. The drawing process for the lottery numbers is very strictly regulated. While the moderating “Lottofee” moderated the drawing of the lottery numbers, A notary who is invisible to the television viewer always monitors the correct functioning of the lottery drums and a correct process. Accordingly, each drawing is more or less the same – Of course, the moderator’s motivating words before the drawing should not be missing!
The devices for drawing the lottery numbers: In the early years of the lottery in Germany (between 1955 and 1956) the lottery numbers were still drawn manually. However, this soon no longer met the requirements for freedom from manipulation. Hence, in January 1957 the first automatic drawing machine was put into operation. The drawing was not yet broadcast on television. When the winning numbers were announced, however, one was always made “regulatory oversight” mentioned.

The principle of drawing: The drawing principle has changed since the introduction of the first automatic drawing machine by 1957 not changed until today, only their design and mechanical execution were occasionally modernized. A transparent one is used for the drawing, spherical lottery wheel used, which is made to rotate by an electric motor. The so-called running rail inside the drum “fishes” after thoroughly mixing the balls out each individual ball – the winning numbers. In this way, all six lottery numbers are drawn. The year 1996 Introduced super number is determined in a basically identical model, but of course only 10 Balls used.

The drawing of the lottery numbers on television: The winning numbers have always been announced on the television news, the drawing itself was first on 4. September 1965 broadcast live and thus made accessible to everyone. The draws currently take place twice a week and can only be followed live on the Internet. The drawing of the lottery numbers is presented on Wednesdays in the ZDF studio in Mainz, while on Saturdays in the highest television studio in Europe, dem Main Tower in Frankfurt am Main, will be exciting. For a long time, the show was only moderated by female Lottofeen, which often achieved cult status in Germany. As a long-time lottery fair, Karin Tietze-Ludwig in particular has become an unmistakable figure, But also the following lottery fair Franziska Reichenbacher of the ARD was an indispensable part of the show.

What is the difference in the lottery 6 out 49 with a system

There are special tickets for playing with a system. Instead of the usual six numbers, seven numbers are crossed on the system certificate. Various combinations of six numbers are then formed from these numbers, whereby you participate in the next solution with several tips. At the 6 out 49 System certificate there is also the choice between a subsystem (earlier: VEW-System) and a full system. With the lottery 6 out 49 Full system are between 7 and 15 Numbers ticked per tip field, then all possible single tips are played with it, which can be formed from these crossed numbers. In the subsystem, between 9 and 26 Numbers ticked in a tip field. Not all possible combinations are played here, but only a certain selection. Permanent tickets are also possible here.

How does the normal LOTTO work 6 out 49 game?

With the lottery variant 6 out 49 the participant types six numbers in a field of 49 numbers. The tickets can be filled out at the kiosk and now also online. A ticket has 12 Fields. You fill out the ticket over the Internet, you also have the option, to have the computer tick random numbers. Each completed tip field costs 1 Euro. How many to fill out, is up to you. There is a processing fee for each ticket, which varies depending on the federal state and can be up to one euro. You can also order a permanent pass over the Internet, this means, For each drawing, a ticket with exactly the same entry fields will be submitted. Twice a week, always on Wednesday and Saturday, will the the 7 Winning numbers drawn – the known 6 Correct plus super number. While you type the normal winning numbers with a cross on the ticket, In the case of the super number, the printed ticket number decides whether it is hit or not: Does the last digit of this number match the super number drawn, one has won. Until summer 2013 the drawing was broadcast on public television, You can now follow them live on the Internet via a stream. Whether and how much you have won, results from the number of matching numbers.

What is the difference between a partial system (VEW-System) and a full system?

VEW-System stands for “Shortened shortlist”. That means, that with one VEW-System (also called part system) only a limited number of combinations (is to System) is written out. That’s why it can happen, that if the combination is unfavorable, not all the numbers are met, although they were drawn in the draw Full system however, all combinations are written out. If under the system numbers “6 right one” are located, they are definitely recorded by the system.


All possible combinations of numbers were written out. No matter which 3 out 4 Numbers are drawn, the system covers all possibilities.

A VEW-System however, it would contain fewer combinations:

It would be cheaper, because fewer fields participate in the game. However, this creates “Holes” im System. When the combination “124” or “134” is drawn, one would be unlucky in that case.

Learn more about the full system paytables.

Here you can have the VEW system evaluated online.

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  • How does the game work77?
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  • Is there a difference between drawing the lottery numbers on Wednesday and Saturday?
  • What is the meaning of the ticket number and how is it determined?
  • Which term should I choose?
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  • Which does ______________ mean “Participation from jackpot of”?
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  • Which system is best for me?
  • How do I fill a full- or. Selection system certificate correctly?
  • How are the lottery numbers drawn?

What is the probability of winning at LOTTO 6aus49?

As the name suggests are random 6 out 49 Balls drawn in a lottery wheel, these are the winning numbers of the respective drawing. The balls are drawn one after the other, however, the order does not matter (after the drawing, the winning numbers are sorted in ascending order). Each winning number can only appear once, because drawn balls are not put back into the lottery wheel.
The probability, Correctly guessing the first ball drawn is included 6 to 49 (6 own tips 49 possible first balls drawn from the lottery wheel). For the second winning number there are still 48 Balls in the lottery wheel, one of the remaining 5 The numbers typed must match these. The probability of correctly typing the second winning number is therefore included 5 to 48. It is the same for the drawing of the third, fourth, fifth and sixth bullets, where the probability of a correct tip 4 to 47, 3 to 46, 2 to 45 and 1 to 44 be.

For the “Six in the lottery” must all of these right tips occur at the same time. The winning probability can therefore be calculated as follows: 6/49 * 5/48 * 4/47 * 3/46 * 2/45 * 1/44 = 1/13.983.816 or 0,000000715%. So from six drawn balls there are approx. 14 Millions of combinations.

In addition to the “Six” also hit the jackpot, the appropriate super number is required. This is determined, by randomly selecting a number from another lottery wheel 0 and 9 is pulled. The probability of a correct tip of the super number is accordingly 1 to 10. The probability of picking six correct numbers and the matching super number is included 1 to 139.838.160.

This number may seem small. Nevertheless, every year dozens of Germans manage to become millionaires with LOTTO 6aus49. Alone in the year 2011 existed in Germany 443 Six in the lottery, of which were 117 to millionaires.

It is important: It’s not just the jackpot that counts – With just three correct tips, you will win more than ten times your stake!

An overview of the different prize tiers and their probabilities:

Prize class Winning probability Probability of winning in %
I (6 right one & Super number) 1 : 139.838.160 0,000000715
I (6 right one) 1 : 15.537.573 0,00000644
III (5 right one & Super number) 1 : 542.008 0,000184
IV (5 right one) 1 : 60.223 0,00166
V (4 right one & Super number) 1 : 10.324 0,00969
WE (4 right one) 1 : 1.147 0,0872
VII (3 right one & Super number) 1 : 567 0,176
VIII (3 right one) 1 : 63 1,64
IX (2 right one + Super number) 1 : 76 1,32
IX (Mind. 2 right one + Super number) 1 : 31 3,19

Our tip: In addition to a normal ticket, you can also type a system ticket. So you play several betting fields at the same time and significantly increase your chances of winning. With the full system “VOLL010”, for example, you type ten numbers and automatically play them all 210 possible combinations of these tips (the price per series of bets remains the same, of course!).

Can you play the lottery on the internet??

And, one can since 2013 lotto again 6 out 49 play online.

How did it look before?

Until recently, brokering and organizing public games of chance on the Internet was under the State Treaty on Gambling (GlüStV) forbidden.

The country was the only exception Schleswig-Holstein, where to play the lottery 6 out 49, Happiness spiral, KENO and the additional lotteries since 02. January 2012 could also participate online via the Internet.

To be able to participate in the game, you had to have a place of residence in Schleswig-Holstein. The player also had to be in Schleswig-Holstein at the time of placing the tip.

From the 1. July 2012 it was in the state Bremen possible again at the lottery 6 out 49, Happiness spiral, KENO, as well as the new European lottery Eurojackpot to be able to participate over the Internet.

What are the chances of winning the lottery??

The odds at the lottery 6 out 49 the Jackpot to crack are approx. 1:140 millions. The chance 6 right one to meet is exactly 1:13.983.816. The probability of winning for 3 right one lies by 1:57. You can find the exact figures in the table below.

1 1:139.838.160
2 1:13.983.816
3 1:542.008
4 1:54.201
5 1:10.324
6 1:1.032
7 1:567
8 1:57
9 1:76

Here you will find more detailed information on determining your chances of winning the lottery 6 out 49. There the winning probabilities of each winning class are precisely calculated. Why the odds differ from the information provided by the German lottery company, they find out .

What are the prize categories at LOTTO 6aus49?

The more numbers you type correctly, the higher the lottery win will be. The LOTTO 6aus49 prize categories show you more precisely, how and what you can win. You hit the jackpot with 6 Correct and correct super numbers in prize class I. With LOTTO 6aus49 there is a total of 9 Prize tiers, to which the total winnings will be divided. You can see how the different prize categories are made up and how high the respective average prize is in the following table:

Prize class Winning probability Share of the total prize money Average single win
I (6 right one & SZ) 1 : 139.838.160 12,8% 8.949.642,20 EUR
II (6 right one) 1 : 15.537.573 10% 574.596,50 EUR
III (5 right one & SZ) 1 : 542.008 5% 10.022,00 EUR
IV (5 right one) 1 : 60.223 15% 3.340,60 EUR
V (4 right one & SZ) 1 : 10.324 5% 190,80 EUR
WE (4 right one) 1 : 1.147 10% 42,40 EUR
VII (3 right one & SZ) 1 : 567 10% 20,90 EUR
VIII (3 right one) 1 : 63 44% 10,40 EUR
IX (2 right one & SZ) 1 : 76 Fix 5,00 EUR
IX (Mind. 2 right one & SZ) 1 : 31 100% 15,70 EUR

The chances of winning at 6 out 49 System

Even the lottery 6 out 49 The system is part of the classic game of chance and therefore has – statistically speaking – a low chance of winning. The chance to win is included for the main prize 0,00000072%. That sounds hopeless at first, but it is not impossible. Actively increase your chances of winning, is only possible, by spending more money on more typing fields (maximal 12) issues, because every combination of numbers is just as likely as the other. One system certificate covers many possible combinations – more combinations, more chances of winning. You can use the lottery system 6 out 49 slightly increase the probability, that if the worst comes to the worst, you don’t have to share your winnings with as few other winners as possible. Many lottery players bet on the lottery in recurring patterns – for example birthdays. With that come the number 19 (for the year of birth) and the numbers 1 to 12 particularly often. Numbers lying next to each other should also be avoided due to patterns. All numbers off 32 are typed less often than their predecessors. Is won with these numbers, the probability falls, having to share the profit, therefore less. who 6 out 49 plays with a system, does not rely on supposed lucky numbers, the numbers chosen remain just as random.

Important NOTE
Game participants have to 18. Have completed the year of their life. Gambling can be addicting. You can find help at Winning probability: 1:140 My. at Lotto 6 out 49 GK 1, 1:16 My. at Lotto 6 out 49 GK 2, 1:10 My. at game 77 and 1:95 My. at EuroJackpot.


Lotto 6 out 49 – is a foreign lottery, which is national for Germany. On average, each draw draws 45 million. euros, along with the jackpot.

Lottery has 3 gaming levels in one. For those who like to rely on fortune, you can take part in two additional Super games 77 and Super 6, where there is no need to choose the numbers yourself.

For players from Russia, to buy a ticket you will need to enlist the help of an intermediary. The best option is the AgentLotto website. This company is the most popular among gamblers, due to their honesty.

German Lotto Lotto (6 of 49 + 1 of 10). Продажа билетов, результаты и статистика лотереи Lotto ]]>