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I love their service but I don’t know…

I love their service but I don’t know if I win a jackpot will I really get the money?

Excellent online international lotto…

Excellent online international lotto betting site, purely, reliable, users friendly and trustworthy and as well scam free!

absolutely waste of time and money

absolutely waste of time and money, I have open an account 3 years ago, after couple of buy i realize it was con site and stop buying on lottoland. then after two and half year i got an offer through wowcher as my Mrs insisted to try as it looks better value for money and bought the offer and tried to redeem it on lottoland website. guess what, Lottoland did not accept my wowcher code and start to ask my age verification despite having 3 year OLD ACCOUNT, , I scan my driving licence and send it to lottoland by following there online procedure, I got Thank you email for sendining scan of licence, then next day another email asking me to send further evidence as they still can’t verify my age, I called the customer service and come across absloutly useless adviser who cant undestand english and make me spell every word of my emai, and beleive it or not I have to spell July letter by letter while giving my date of birth, adviser was not sure why they want my age verification since I have an old account, I got so frustrated i have to cut the phone. I am fuminh

Have played many time in the past

Have played many time in the past. Won a few hundred dollars here and there, but like any gambling venue, pretty sure they are winning in the long run. I’ve had no problem getting the wins returned to my bank, usually by the next working day.
Single ticket costs are about the same as the stores costs, but System tickets seem to cost more for some reason. So check what your getting.

Never had a issue with Lottoland Australis

Never had a issue with Lottoland Australia
I won some and not won as expected.
Been betting with lottoland since the start.

Now I’ve complained they have blocked…

Now I’ve complained they have blocked me from playing when I have money in my account.


I have a story I would like to share so that other people know what can happen to them. I played Keno with Lottoland Australia. I note that winnings seem to come from a UK. I have won a few times and the winnings were banked into my account with no problems. In November, however, I won nearly $300 and pushed the button for a payout and, at time of writing, have not seen a cent of my money. Contact with Customer Service has been a bad experience: they seem indifferent to my problem, telling me the same thing over and over: “the money was banked on such and such date” or “follow up with your Bank”. They even asked for a copy of my Bank Statement before they would escalate to the next level and have the matter looked into by the banking section. I provided this and was told I would receive an email with the results in up to 3 days. Over a week later, hearing nothing, I contacted them again and was given a useless number and told to follow up with my bank, who again said the follow up had to be from Lottoland’s end. Lottoland took my deposits out of my account in seconds and yet will not give me my winnings. Heaven help me if I had have won a lot of money! (Of course $253.40 is a lot of money to a pensioner.) I have been so distressed by the whole affair and yet I had been elated by my win, which came at a time when it was sorely needed. So, beware!




Something suspicious

The site Lottoland indicated that in the German lotto 6 \ 49 jackpot 30 million euro jack. On other sites and on the official website of the German Lotto 6 \ 49, 12 million euro jackp is indicated. The site always gives errors, making payment is hard. According to reviews, I understood bad company.

I recieved a 12 month inactive email now want to charge me £5p/m

I recieved a 12 month inactive email from lottoland and they now want to charge me £5 admin fee a month.
I can’t cancel my account because I have 60p!!
Get your life sorted and stop trying to ruin mine.

I would give them no stars if possible

I would give them no stars if possible

I had a win of over 1000 dollars and tried to cashout. I was told it would be in in 3 days I checked my bank account and still nothing.

I then to my surprise noticed that the funds were back in my Lottoland account and I was not told anything about this. I then asked online help (which are as useless as tits on a bull) what happend they said that the bank didnt accept my deposit from them but I have had payouts go through in the past but not for over $1000.

I called my bank and there were no deposits from lottoland. I contacted the live help again and they said I needed to verify my account again which I did over 4 months ago with no explanation why.

After trying to log in this morning they have blocked my account and I m unble to get the money.

I have emailed customer service heaps of times with no answer.

DO NOT PLAY AT THIS SITE I have deposited alot of money on their to play kenoland and now they have taken all my winnings

I will pursue legal action for this also.

Administration, please, delete this feedback.


WHY IS THIS LOTTOLAND STILL A ACTIVE GAMBLING SITE Its stealing peoples money everyday/everynight there games slots are 100% dodgy they continually have TECHNICAL ERRORS message mid spin on slot games so you never get to see if you’ve won you get referred back to homepage have to start a new game so never know what the outcome was on last slot spin you played on. the only time the slot games work properly is when you are continuing to lose its a fixed fraudulent game outcome.. I’ve read all the reviews on lottoland and people are all saying the same thing its a SCAM SITE STEALS YOUR MONEY THROUGH THERE FIXED UNFAIR GAMES.. SLOTS. SCRATCHCARDS and LOTTERY. I only joined last week had a technical error message issue continually popping up in middle of a spin causing game to totally stop and returning me back to lottoland homepage this was happening on games I was having a win on I would go back onto game that I was previously winning on it would then surprisingly work perfectly fine when I was losing on every spin is this not enough to show the scam n fixed games there doing.. I contacted live chat explained my concerns told them I was getting technical error message saying to please contact support.. I was asked to upload images of error messages which I did then after along 40min online nightmare chat with a advisor who tried everyday to blame the game fault on my mobile then my Internet connection then on cookies n data asking had I cleared them etc etc I told him the make n model of my phone ip I used.. my broadband provider etc etc which proved nothing was causing tech fault error message through me so fault lay with lottoland games/slots.. He them realising there was nothing else he could use to lay blame on me proceeded to call me a gambling addict that he could not issue any refund or spins due to him thinking I had a gambling addiction problem this is only a few hours after I joined the site I was horrified frustrated with the whole situation and what was inclinations by him I never got any emails to my complaint told another load of lies by them saying they had sent emails when clearly they hadn’t there’s been no solution or any information regarding sed issues just a circle off blaming myself for tech issues and diabolical treatment and total lies from them. I pray that all people who like to play online read all the reviews and realise TO STAY AWAY FROM A SCAM SHADEY ROBBING SITE LIKE LOTTOLAND IT SHOULD BE CLOSED BY GAMBLING COMMISSION INVESTIGATED SUED FOR THE THOUSAND/MILLIONS ITS STOLE FROM PEOPLE WITH ITS RIGGED DODGEY FIXED GAMES

Thanks for taking the time to write and express your frustration – In trying to help you will need you to share the URL you are visiting. This is the Lottoland Australia Trust Pilot account, but we don’t offer games or scratchcards (Only bets on Lotteries).

So a lot of what you are saying is not valid to us.

Highly Recommended

I would recommend Lottoland easy to use and has some good lotto games with good odds

I’ve been playing lottoland for a year…

I’ve been playing lottoland for a year now and I have not won a penny back I’m starting to think this is a big con and I’m going to cancel my account and just use the National Lottery from now on and if you all had sense you do the same. Don’t fall for the same mistake as I did this is a con.

We’re sorry to read that your numbers have not come up yet.

When using Lottoland you are placing a bet on the outcome of an official lottery draw.

When betting at Lottoland you are placing bets on the outcome of Lotteries instead of entering official lottery draws.

You are able to bet on the outcome of various official lottery draws from around the world at Lottoland.

While you are betting on the outcome of the draws instead of entering them, the lottery payout structure we offer mirrors that available on the official draw and gives you the same odds.

You choose how many games you want, pick your numbers and submit your bet.

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