lotto 649 frequency chart

Playing Lotto 6/49 Responsibly

It’s fun to think about what numbers you might pick, like using your birthday. But using these numbers won’t improve your chances of winning. Each number or combination of numbers has the same chance of winning. Have fun playing the game, but make sure you use your GameSense too.

* Bonus numbers are not included in the frequency chart
* The frequency chart is updated on a weekly basis. It does not include the most recent draw’s winning numbers.

Find out which numbers on the Lotto 6/49 lottery game are most frequently picked.

Lotto 649 frequency chart

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The Overall Frequency table displays the total times each number has been drawn, the last draw and the number of draws previous to that. Last date drawn is also indicative of OVERDUE NUMBERS that would need to be drawn soon to maintain their approximate rank in the Table.

Overall Frequency
1982 to Present
Without Bonus
Last Drawn
By Highest Frequency

Overall Frequency
1982 to Present
Without Bonus
Last Drawn
By Order

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