lottery ticket love scene

Lottery Ticket Teairra Mari & Bow Wow love scene

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  • Жарияланды 2011 ж. 26 Там.
  • damnn
  • Ғылым және технология

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He so stupid, don’t he realize that she only want his baby is cuz if he get her pregnant he’ll have to keep payin child support from the $3million, or he just don’t give a damn, Jesus, pussy us a beautiful thing but it’s not important.

Shit if she walk in my room wearin that purple lingerie I’d have a hard time saying no too. She fine af

And it be bitches like her out here mane😭😭😭

Be independent Nikki and earn your money and stop using men wow😂

He pulled out the condom and she said we don’t need that we don’t need no babies lol.

She should make her own money .

Damn bitch you ripped his shirt damn bitch you that strong

Don’t get mad bitch

She needs to find a rich man a.s.a..p I guess she broke.

Idgaf how fine she is she ain’t worth it that’s why I can’t stand money hungry ass bitches. Instead of depending on a man to take care of yaw go get a job

bro if she come in my bedroom wearin that purple lingerie. shit I wouldn’t leave she woulda trapped me. She so damn fine

DOMINIC Tierra mari love

bro I’m in love wit her lol

Shit I would left her ass, my name Keith Darnel Allen jr, yall

remanda Jackson shit I would have stayed al night wit her once she got on top of me like dat

Man How Fine she Is I would Feel her Body while She was Kissing On Me 😍😍😍

Atomic Reaper yeah man she is still my celebrity crush since I first watch this movie. I swear she got me so hard when I first watched it haha

@miles Facts Man 😂😂❤

Atomic Reaper same bro she look so damn sexy in her lingerie that my hands would be feeling every part of her body while she kiss on me 😍😍😍

Stupid BITCH. He has over 300 million dollars. He could easily pay high class lawyers to sue for sold custody. With her having possible supervise visitation rights. If that.

Whats the song? I know its pretty old.

Gloria Mudany Trey songz – I invented sex

Her moan probably sexy as hell

Lamar Ware hell yeah too bad we couldn’t hear it in the movie. I bet she moan loud too

To bad she don’t look like that nomore

Thepurple 9 ikr she look fine as hell in that lingerie. actually had me believing in purple rain for a second haha

His shirt was broke at 138 and still flexed

We are going to

Bowow you great sexy and my boo

i wish that girl would kiss me in bed

That’s how he knows he hurting if he screaming like that

I hate gold diggers

Omg didnt know that was Teirra

Bro that stuff hurts because my teacher did that to me

bow wow is the best of the moive

On shit she all in his boxes

Bow wow face when her tongue was in his ear

Teairra mari is from love and hip hop hollywood

fuck her bow wow she is a devil.

Demetrieus Little she fine as hell

Cool movie and ice cube is awesome

She had a nice body . Gaining all that weight then got liposuction was too much had she just slowed it down 🍕🌮🌭🍔🍟 lol 😂🤣 she’d be alright

She is fine thought she ain’t too bad looking but bow wow was smart to use a condom an protected him self but the sexual moment was pretty hot, still just because your a baller doesn’t mean you gotta have kids right a away.

super saiyan Goodman II. the sexual moment was really hot man I was like damn he wanted her so bad

They having sex

Anyone know the instrumental or song in the background at the beginning?

I want some one can do that to me

Gotta respect her honesty

Wow , She’s So Pretty Even On Love N Hip Hop

At least I’m South African because the subtitles are Afrikaans and South Africans are fluent English speakers

She wanted him to knock her up so she can get his money, that’s sad really

Should have listened to Stacie

wonderbread like I said if she was my girlfriend.

Michael Goodman II oh I gotcha. I already have thought about it myself and its awesome. u don’t have a fantasy u would like to experience with her?

wonderbread nothing i’m saying I guess I would

Michael Goodman II like what

pull out game strong, right on her butt

What the name of the movie

Am I the only one who saw that bow wow dick just got up during this scene? Lol

kenron richards lol bro anyone’s dick would shot up during this scene if she walked in your bedroom wearing that 🔥

I would of still use protection I don’t care

Kareem Sanders_249 same here bro I woulda had another condom on me but I would still smash her cause she so fine

baby no kiddin good poo nanni

I would’ve fucked raw and pulled out lol

I would like her as my wife

I would have got teaira mari pregnant with no problem

thekiddsean330 He at least could got some head before he left. Damn u can’t get a nice bitch like that in ur bed then act all scared smh

I would hit that any day

I can feel his pain and I’m not even doing anything

She gained weight because she has a drinking problem and alcohol makes some ppl gain weight and some lose weight. But she still pretty her faces is just really fat now.

She dont look like that now!

Now she got butt leakage n shit

should have saw his face on 0:17 he know what was go happen but he didn’t know she was a thot

Damn, she is sexy af
Attractive people in every race
I would have smashed too, this is coming from a white guy

Your my new boyfriend

bows face in 20 sec s

I can’t believe she didn’t mention this when she introduced herself on LHHH

where this movie in spañish

Man fuck a condom, l would’ve smash that real good and give her triplets.

NBA YOUNG24x man the way she walk in wearing that sexy ass lingerie then say u don’t need no condom I woulda said yeah u right now flip over, and would hit raw from the back, front, side, missionary, doggy, every position all night. She sexy as shit with that lingerie. her ass look so good and her tits bout to pop out of her bra she looks so fuckin sexy


#TBT: Remember When Teairra Mari Tried To Make Bow Wow Her Baby Daddy In Lottery Ticket?


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