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Lottery Sambad Today 22-1-2021 – Result 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM Download

Lottery Sambad Today Result at 11:55 AM, 4 PM & 8 PM

Lottery Sambad today result in 22 January 2021: is an official website to get all Indian lotteries. Our Team Members are working on our and update daily bases, so you can Download and view Lottery sambad today result live online on epaper.

Lottery Sambad Winner Prize List:

The main thing which attracts people to invest in this lottery is the size of the prize and the number of prizes. Like other lotteries in India, the Sambad give prizes to a big number of participants. Defiantly, they can’t give the same prize to every winner. That’s why the prize has been rank according to the winning ranking. If you win the first prize, you will be reward bigger but if you get the last seat then the prize will be given accordingly.

For an instant, here is the list of winner’s prize list:

    The winner of the 1st Prize receives 26 Lakhs/- Indian Rupees Winners of the 2nd Prize receives 9000/- Indian Rupees The winners of the 3rd Prize receives 500/- Indian Rupees Winners of the 4th Prize receives 250/- Indian Rupees The winners of the 5th Prize receive 120/- Indian Rupees.

The Timing of Lottery Sambad Live Results

The official time when Lottery Sambad Result announces is 8 PM in the night, 11 AM in the morning and 4 PM in the noon. The result becomes instantly available on different websites and can be downloaded free of cost in different formats like DBF and PDF etc.

Sometimes it gets late to find the live results of the winners due to some technical complications but most of the websites try to update results on the time.

Lottery Sambad Morning 11AM Result

This is the first result of the lottery which is announced at 11:55 AM. This result is also called the Dear Lottery Sambad result. In this result, the organizers announce the first winner who receives 16 Lac INR prize by cash.

Lottery Sambad 11:55 am morning weekly games name
Monday Dear Loving Morning
Tuesday Dear Sincere Morning
Wednesday Dear Faithful Morning
Thursday Dear Kind Morning
Friday Dear Tender Morning
Saturday Dear Gentle Morning
Sunday Dear Affectionate Morning

Lottery Sambad 4pm Result

This is the most exciting time for the participants. Because, in this result, the prize of 16 Lac INR announced once again. The price of the ticket is only 6 INR. so purchase more could easily increase your chance to win the first prize.

Lottery Sambad 4 pm | West Bengal State Lottery Prize List
1st Prize Rupees- 30 Lakh
Cons. Prize Rupees- 1000/-
2nd Prize Rupees- 9000/-
3rd Prize Rupees- 500/-
4th Prize Rupees- 250/-
5th Prize Rupees- 120/-

Lottery Sambad 8pm Result

The biggest prize of the whole day announces at the time. The value of the first prize is 26 Lac INR where the price of a ticket is the same. Most of the people participate in this lottery time due to the size of the prize.

There are many groups also created by people. The same people who participate in this lottery on a regular basis and keep other participants updates about the result.

লটারি সংবাদ Lottery Sambad aka Dhankesari is the most popular lottery system in India. It is not just popular in the sense as it is being played in all states of India. It is also popular because Lottery Sambad today is one of the oldest lottery systems which is being played the same as it uses to be many years ago. As compare to other lotteries of India, people have more trust in it. People purchase the maximum Sambad lottery tickets every day to be part of the lucky draw. They hope to win big prizes including cash prizes.

If you are planning to try your luck with this lottery system. Then you must know about a bit of its introduction. This will not only help you to understand how to play Lottery Sambad. It will also help you to know how you can win this lottery with a simple trick.

Sikkim state lotteries draw results today. Check Sikkim lottery results online. Click on the link above button to Download and view the Sikkim lottery result online. Sikkim today lottery result PDF online and get old results.

Kerala Lottery Result Today 22.1.2021

Kerala lottery is a lottery program that is run by the government of Kerala. It was established in 1967 in India. Kerala lottery is conducted at 3:00 PM every week according to the lottery. The lottery department uses to show results daily according to the lottery. Kerala lottery result also published it on the Kerala lottery Gazette

What is a Lottery Sambad? (Lottery Sambad History)

Sambad is a newspaper of India which has been the first issue in October 1984. After a few times of the newspaper publication and its popularity, Sambad started the lottery system. Instead of focusing just one city or state of India, they target many states. This involved maximum people around the country. In a very short time, this lottery becomes the most popular lottery in India.

Today, there are many other versions of lottery Sambad today that exist. Their names are Dear Lottery Sambad, Aajkal Lottery Sambad, and much more. Even in states like West Bengal, the people call it a West Bengal lottery Sambad while we know that the tickets of this lottery are not limited to just one state of India.

Since the launch of this lottery, we have seen so many stories of the poor people who become a millionaire just in one night. The newspaper itself has published the stories of those people who encouraged more people to buy the tickets.

So it is always a good idea to purchase multiple tickets of the lottery to increase your chances to win the cash prize and who knows that one win more than just one prize in a single lucky draw?

The result of this lottery announces three times a day. This also means that you cannot just play this lottery once or twice but three times a day and increase your chances to become a milliner. The resulting time of Lottery Sambad is the same around the country. Whether you are living in Bombay or any city of West Bengal, you will get the live result on the same day and time.

The best place to know about the live result is the follow the Sambad website. You can also check the list of the winner in the newspaper or simply ask about the winning tickets by calling on the official number of the lottery department etc. There are many options available.

I have once come to know about the Lottery Sambad mobile app for iOS and Android users but I am not yet sure that whether the app is ready to download, install, or even use, etc. By visiting the Apple Store or Google Play Store, you can easily find the answer and download the Sambad Lottery application for free.

The download option is totally free while some websites may ask for the money to send you an instant update on your mobile through SMS or through email etc. So, there are many options available to get an instant result of this lottery.

Lottery Sambad 2021

If we talk about the Lottery Sambad 2021, there have been many stories which we can remember to know that how this simple yet popular lottery in India has changed the life of many. Many people who just purchase a ticket for fun or give a chance to their luck become rich after the Lottery Sambad night result.

I remember the story of a cartman who earns only 300 Rs daily won the first prize of this lottery in West Bengal where there is the story of a policeman too. This policeman purchased the Sambad ticket by chance after the suggestion of his friend and become the winner on the very first day after looking at the Lottery Sambad live results online.

These were the stories of Lottery Sambad 2021 which is making many people buy the tickets and try their luck. What about 2021? Defiantly, the Sambad will make new success stories this year too and who knows that you will be a part of one of them?

Dear Lottery Sambad India

From purchasing the lottery ticket to get the result of the lucky draw, dear lottery sambad system keeps the players or you can say gambler engage. This lottery is being played all around the country.

Sikkim State Lotteries Today

Sikkim lottery results today check to live online. You can download and view Sikkim lottery results online. Sikkim today lottery results in PDF format also viewable format.

We updated on the daily basis of the Sikkim lottery result after the draw held. You Can check and Download your Sikkim lottery result three times in a day Morning Time, Day Time, and Evening Sikkim Lottery.

Nagaland State Lottery Today Result

Nagaland lottery result today. Click on the link above to Download and view Nagaland lottery result online. Nagaland today lottery result pdf file online.

We updated on the daily basis of Nagaland lottery results after the draw held. You Can check and Download your Nagaland lottery result three times in a day Morning Time, Day Time, and Evening Nagaland Lottery.

Mizoram State Lottery

Mizoram lottery result today online. All the Lottery sambad today viewers Download and view Mizoram lottery result online when draw held by the official site. Mizoram Lotto today results in form of pdf file online.

We updated on the daily basis of the Mizoram lottery result after the draw held. You Can check and Download your Mizoram lottery result three times in a day Morning Time, Day Time, and Evening Mizoram Lottery.

Nagaland State Lotteries: Whether you are looking for West Bengal state lottery results or Nagaland State lottery results, the Sambad epaper can help you to get the result on time. The official Sambad epaper is published daily and get updated on time. For people who want to get the West Bengal lottery Sambad result on time, they need to check the official epaper.

Aajkal Lottery Sambad: There are different ways to check the result of this lottery system in India. Some people write the name of their city while others add the name of their state. There is also a unique way to get the result of the lucky draw on time and it is called aajkal lottery sambad results.

Who Can Participate in Rajshree Lottery Sambad?

Any person who has an Indian identity or provides the Indian identity can purchase the lottery ticket and become part of this game. The lottery sambad ticket is also very cheap.

Searching Queries of Lottery Sambad

Great News to our value able Customers Now You can get Lottery Sambad Today Draw Result in Various Search Queries. Simply Open Your Search engine Like Google, Yahoo and Bing just type the below-given keywords and get various lottery sambad results sites. If you trouble to perform these steps so feel free to contact us.

We offer sambad today lottery result online in PDF file. Lottery Sambad Today Result schedule for morning lottery update at 11:55 AM, day Time Lottery 4:00 PM, and for Evening Draw time is 8:00 PM. Daily lotteries sambad draw held 3 times a day once Morning at 11:55 AM, Day Lottery draw update time at 4 PM and 3rd Time Evening at 8 PM.

Lottery Sambad Insurance and Prize Coverage » Risk management:

We Provide information about Lottery Sambad insurance. Insurance is covered various lottery-like Sikkim lottery insurance, Nagaland lottery results in the Insurance policy and Winning the Lottery Insurance Paradox of lotteries sambad today.

Various Type of Lottery Insurance guide line available regarding 2021

  • Lottery Syndicate Insurance.
  • Lottery Insurance Paradox.
  • Prize Indemnity Insurance.
  • Lottery and Gaming Insurance Solutions.
  • Prize Indemnity and Online Gaming Insurance

In final words, if you are a social media user you can get today’s lottery sambad result on our google plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn account, and also several social media profile and pages.


Lottery Sambandh

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