kentucky lottery midday pick 4

Pick 4

Kentucky Pick 4 has a top prize of $5,000 and two chances to win every day. The Midday draw is held at 1:20pm ET / 12:20pm CT and the Evening draw takes place at 11:00pm ET / 10:00 CT, seven days a week. There are multiple wager types to choose from so everyone can find a favorite play style. Win by matching the numbers drawn in exact order, any order, or even if you’re off by one digit higher or lower.

How to Play

Decide which draw time you want to play: Midday, Evening, or Both.

Select the number of draws you’d like to take part in – you can play your lucky numbers for up to seven draws in a row.

If you’re not ready to play your numbers yet, use Advance Play to play on the day you choose, up to seven days in advance. Simply mark the day of the week you want to play, Sunday-Saturday.

Choose four numbers from 0-9, or mark Quick Pick and the lottery computer will randomly generate them. You may use a number more than once.

Want to play your favorite numbers again? Just hand the retailer an existing ticket and ask for Play It Again – you can buy a new ticket with the same numbers.

Wager Types

Choose your wager type (play style) and the amount you’d like to bet. You can wager from $0.50 to $5.00 on a playslip, or up to $10.00 at the terminal (Straight / Box and 1-OFF have a $1.00 minimum play). These are the wager types and how to win with each one:


Match the numbers drawn in EXACT order.

Minimum wager: $0.50. Box

Match the numbers drawn in ANY order.

Minimum wager: $0.50. Straight/Box

Match the numbers drawn in EXACT OR ANY order – a Straight and Box wager combined. Match in exact order and win both the Straight and Box prizes. Match in any order and win the Box prize.

Minimum wager: $1.00 (combines a $0.50 Straight and a $0.50 Box wager). 1-OFF

Match the numbers drawn in EXACT order OR win if one or more of your numbers is off by one digit higher or lower than one or more of the winning numbers.

Minimum wager: $1.00.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

See the table below for prize amounts and odds for KY Pick 4. The prize payouts shown assume a $1.00 wager, so if your play was $0.50 (only available on Straight or Box), the prize is half the amount shown. For plays over $1.00, the payout is multiplied by the amount wagered.

Pick 4 from the Kentucky Lottery has a top prize of $5,000 and chances to win twice a day with Midday and Evening draws. Find out how to play this popular KY game plus information on draw times, prizes and odds. ]]>