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Heart’s January Jackpot 2021: Ten people will win £21,000 between now and next Friday!

21 January 2021, 16:47

Get ready for the return of Heart’s 2021 January Jackpot. Picture: Heart

By Heart reporter

Throughout January we are making 20 people a MASSIVE £21,000 richer! We’ve already had ten winners. will you be the next?

It’s not been an easy start to 2021, so we are turning up the feel good by making 20 people a massive £21,000 richer this month!

You are listening for the ‘January Jackpot song’. When you hear that between 8am and 4pm weekdays on Heart, you need to text the word WIN and the name of the artist to 82122.

We’ll randomly select someone to come on air and if that’s YOU, we’ll tell you exactly how much money you’ve won. It COULD be a life changing £21,000!

Texts cost £2 plus your standard network rate. Once the song starts, you’ll have 10 minutes to enter, if you text after that – you won’t be entered but you may still be charged. You must be 18 over to play, and all the rules for this Heart Network game are HERE.

One song could win YOU up to £21,000 – every single day – every time we play!

Heart’s 2021 January Jackpot – starts on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston & Amanda Holden – weekday mornings at 8am, then play throughout your workday with Pandora and Matt Wilkinson until 4pm.

Who has won £21,000 so far?

Sam Konkaduwa

Just Eat delivery driver Sam had just finished work after a long shift. He plays Heart’s 2021 January Jackpot every day while at work and couldn’t believe he’d got a call back!

He lives alone with his son, Carlo, 3, and can’t wait to spoilt him with some new toys.

Sam is desperate for a new car and has always dreamed of getting a 4×4, and now he’s already thinking of what he could get!

When restrictions allow, he would love to take a holiday to Iceland, but first he will visit his family in Sri Lanka, who he hasn’t seen since 2017.

Jessica Child

Jessica works as an admission nurse at her local hospital and had just dropped her son Ruben, 2, to nursery when she heard the January Jackpot song.

She really couldn’t believe she’d won £21,000 and is already excited about what she could do with the money.

Jessica hopes to move to a larger house before she gives birth in May, and would love to book a holiday to Greece, and treat her husband Chris to a fancy bottle of single malt whisky.

And once she’s given birth, she is eyeing up a whole new wardrobe!

Kelly Kent

Kelly works for the Welsh Blood Service supporting the collection of blood, a really vital job at any time, least of all during a pandemic!

She was on the school run when she entered the game, dropping off her daughter, Lauren, 10, and both of them were in tears when they spoke to Matt Wilkinson on Friday afternoon!

She hasn’t been on holiday for three years and would love to go anywhere sunny with a swimming pool as Lauren loves swimming!

Kelly’s studying healthcare planning at university so the money will help with the course fees and other expenses.

Mel Ive

Mel hadn’t played the game for a few days but was feeling positive today so decided to have another go. and it paid off when she became our sixth big winner!

She told Jamie and Amanda on Heart Breakfast that she wed Brad last year, shortly before her mum sadly passed away.

Now they are living with her 79-year-old dad, but the £21,000 means they can put down a deposit on a flat, and she wants to buy a headstone for her dear mum.

After revealing they’ll be celebrating tonight with a couple of rum and cokes, Mel told Heart; “This feels phenomenal. I can’t thank Heart enough!”

Lydia Heslin

Lydia was busy home schooling her two grandkids and trying to clean the kitchen floor after the dogs had got mud all over it when she heard the January Jackpot song!

She plans to give a cash injection to each of her three kids, and also wants to donate £2,000 of her winnings to buy computers for kids who are homeschooling without access to one.

Lydia was in complete shock at winning and the first thing she’s planning on doing is to buy some wellies for the dogs, and celebrating tonight with a takeaway and a bottle of champers!

Samantha Pallett-Jones

On January 11, Samantha became our fifth big winner!

Pre-pandemic she loved her job as a florist but has had to put her business on hold over the last year because she’s shielding – all she can do is take her dogs out for a walk!

She could believe she’d won £21,000 and is planning to treat her daughter Chelsea-Jade, whose wedding got cancelled last year.

Samantha is also planning to pamper herself when she can – the full works, mani-pedi, massage and a new hair-do!

She would also like to spoil her dogs and husband rotten – then when the time is right they’re going to take a trip to Jamaica!.

Dee Bonner

Dee was really emotional when she became the second listener to scoop £21,000 on January 8th.

She told Heart that she planned to use her winnings to buy a new car, and to treat her and partner Kevin to a sun-soaked holiday to Cyprus as soon as lockdown lifts and we can travel again.

First, she’s going to celebrate with a Chinese takeaway and a bottle Champagne tonight that she has been keeping in the fridge for a special occasion since 2007!

Liz Clowes

We guaranteed that two people will win £21,000 before 4 o’clock on Friday January 8, and that morning on Heart Breakfast, Liz Clowes won the first jackpot!

Liz was busy working from home booking in MOTs and repairs for the garage she works for when she won the cash.

She told Heart that after a rubbish 2020 she wants to spoil her whole family rotten with treats and a holiday.

But tonight they will have a family celebration!

Liz and her husband Craig will be cracking open a couple of ciders, and the kids can tuck in to a Dominos pizza!

Victoria Ellis-Jones

Children’s social worker Victoria had just dropped her four kids at school when she became our second £21,000 winner on Heart’s 2021 January Jackpot!

Victoria and her husband Lee both had a really rubbish end to last year, she lost her uncle to covid, and then her mother-in-law passed away six days later, so she’s desperate to take her family away on a holiday as soon as they can for a much needed change of scenery.

Victoria would also like to treat her kids as they have been so understanding with her job and having to go to school during all the lockdowns as she is a key worker.

Selenna Wheeler

Selena was on her way home from work when she scooped the first £21,000 jackpot.

She works as a secondary school teacher, and had been at school, prepping for online learning to start tomorrow.

Stunned Selena told us that she has been saving for a house deposit with her boyfriend for two years, so hopes this cash injection can help them set up home together sooner than they ever dreamed.

All she wanted to do was call her mum to give her the good news!

Selena told Heart: “This is the story I’m going to tell my kids and my grandkids!”

It’s not been an easy start to 2021, so we are turning up the feel good by making 20 people a massive £21,000 richer this month!

Yes. Jackpot 2021 – Men’s Snowboard

Ability Intermediate-Advanced
Camber Profile Camber C4
Flex Medium – Stiff
Shape True Twin
Terrain Park, All Mountain Freestyle
Core Full Poplar
Laminates/Additives Triax Fiberglass
Base Sintered
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Product details

The Jackpot introduced the original MidBite outline 4 years ago that has since trickled throughout the line whenever a new or updated twin is on the roster. This year’s Jackpot is now a cambered board to compliment more aggressive riding, clearly distinguishing it from the new Dicey model. As the Jackpot is designed primarily as a park/resort deck it features a unique tip and tail profile that employs a
sharper transition off the contact points to a flatter, more drawn out kick.

Camber Profile

Camber C4 – 4mm of Camber between the bindings for pop and edge hold paired with flatter sections in the tip and tail for easy turn initiation and added forgiveness.


True Twin – A completely symmetrical outline houses a centered stance that is effective on edge, a tip and tail, and is identical at both ends of the board. The radial sidecut is effective and predictable. The overall shape allows complete freedom of expression by keeping the board a neutral, yet responsive board.

MidBite – MidBite blends the response of a narrow waist width with the stability of wider nose and tail and increases edge hold in the process.

Full Poplar – Yes.’s baseline core for tip-to-tail woodcore snowboard construction. A core that strikes a predictable balance between durability and consistent flex and lightweight feel.


Triax – Robust torsional flex.

Sintered True – Pellets or course powder is pressed until it forms a solid. There are several suppliers for our entire industry and they each have different codes for them, depending on the color and transparency. These codes can make it seem like you’re getting many different kinds and grades of sintered but they’re all pretty much the same as far as you and I will ever tell. True Sintered is harder and more expensive than extruded and it can be faster for those that ride aggressively fast. But to do that, it needs to be waxed and prepared for local conditions.

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