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Canucks pick 10th

. Vancouver falls once again in the NHL Draft Lottery

Again? Really??

The Vancouver Canucks had a 30.7% chance of falling one spot and landing the 10th overall pick in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft and that’s exactly what played out Tuesday night in Toronto at the NHL Draft Lottery.

When NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly turned over the card revealing the Canucks logo, a communal UGH could be heard about Vancouver. This is the fourth consecutive season the Canucks have gone against the odds and fallen in the draft lottery.

The Canucks have selected 10th overall six times in franchise history, most recently using the pick on Cody Hodgson.

2019 NHL Draft Order:
  1. New Jersey Devils
  2. New York Rangers
  3. Chicago Blackhawks
  4. Colorado Avalanche
  5. Los Angeles Kings
  6. Detroit Red Wings
  7. Buffalo Sabres
  8. Edmonton Oilers
  9. Anaheim Ducks
  10. Vancouver Canucks
  11. Philadelphia Flyers
  12. Minnesota Wild
  13. Florida Panthers
  14. Arizona Coyotes
  15. Montreal Canadiens

*Picks 16-31 will be determined after the results of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The NHL Draft takes place June 21st and 22nd at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. For a list of the 2019 NHL Draft Prospect rankings, click here .

The Canucks have selected 10th overall seven times in franchise history.

The Canucks now (sorta) have a 12.5% chance of drafting first overall

The 2020 NHL Draft Lottery just occurred, and the news is out — the Vancouver Canucks now have a 12.5% chance of drafting first overall. Kinda. Sorta.

The eight “mystery” placeholders in the lottery had first draw odds ranging between 6% and 1%, and one of them managed to win — but we don’t know which one yet, and we won’t for a while. Here’s what needs to happen before the actual recipient of first overall can be determined.

First and foremost, the NHL’s 24-team altered postseason needs to actually happen. That’s no longer a sure thing, but we don’t know what will happen to the lottery results if the play-ins are cancelled, so let’s assume they proceed.

Then, the eight play-in series need to finish so we can find out which eight teams end up technically missing the playoffs. Those eight teams will then enter a second phase of the Draft Lottery — and the Canucks could be one of those teams, if they lose to the Minnesota Wild. In doing so, they’d shift their lost first round draft pick — owed to New Jersey by way of Tampa Bay in the JT Miller and Blake Coleman trades — to 2021 and keep this year’s pick, which now enters a second drawing.

In the first and only draw of the second phase, each of the play-in losers has an equal 12.5% chance of receiving that first overall pick. Once that’s determined, the other seven teams are slotted through picks 9 to 15 in descending order of points percentage.

Yes, you read that right. All the Canucks need to do in order to have a 12.5% chance of drafting Alexis Lafrenière — or whomever else they want — is drop three games to the Wild in August.

Ultimately, only time will tell — just like only time will tell if 1/8th of a shot is enough to bring about a resurrection of “Team Tank.”

The Vancouver Canucks now (sorta) have a 12.5% chance of drafting first overall ]]>