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Chances of winning La Bonoloto

In La Bonoloto draw, you will have a prize for matching at least 3 of the 6 selected numbers from your bet. The approximate odds of matching 3 of the numbers is 1 out of 57. Remember that you have the option to participate in daily and weekly bets with single or multiple tickets, the more bets you make the more chances you will have to win. The price per bet is 0.50€ and draws use to be held from Monday to Saturday, if you purchase a ticket on Sunday, it will join the draw that takes plays on Monday.

Numbers that are most likely to come out in La Bonoloto

The probability of hitting the 6 numbers of the winning combination is 1 among over thirteen million, however that shall not take away your wish to play because in order to win a prize in La Bonoloto it will be enough for you to hit at least 3 numbers of the winning combination.

Since the very beginning of this draw, the number 33 is the one that has brought the most Good Luck to those who participated in it, remember that you can also win with the complementary number and the one from the refund. Another of the numbers that has made the most appearances on the winning tickets are the numbers 10 and 2, just in case it serves you as a guide. So far in 2020, the most common numbers have been the 14 and 46.

Probability of each category

The possible combinations in the game reach almost 14 million, taking this into account, Spanish National State Lottery and Betting (SELAE) that has made a table of approximations on the probabilities of hitting the winning combination. Remember that in order to get a prize you need at least three hits:

  • Probability 6 hits: 1 in 13,983,816
  • Probability 5 hits + C: 1 in 2,330,636
  • Probability 5 hits: 1 in 54,201
  • Probability 4 hits: 1 in 1,032
  • Probability 3 hits: 1 in 57
  • Probability 2 hits: In order to get La Bonoloto prizes you must match at least 3 out of the 6 numbers from the winning combination.
  • Probability of not hitting any:
    The probability of not matching any number of the winning combination is almost 50% considering that 6 numbers are drawn from the draw, considering that it is a table from 1 to 49, 43 would be chosen. The probability that the 6 numbers on your ticket are not chosen is 6,096,454.
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